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  • Bobbin Bicycles Pannier
  • Bobbin Bicycles Pannier

Bobbin Bicycles Pannier


This spacious, vintage-inspired, bicycle pannier is perfect for the professional commuter.  This bag clips easily to a rear-rack, with a special locking mechanism that ensures your bag ends up at your destination with you.  Once you arrive, remove the pannier and you'll have a wonderfully stylish oversized handbag to carry with you.  Made of sturdy, weather-treated straw that will age gracefully and protect it's contents for years to come.

Why we love at Eleanor’s: It’s so spacious, we can put our iPad, heels, purse and still have extra room.

  • Made from water resistant woven straw
  • 3 hooks that clip securely onto your back bicycle rack
  • Zip up with velcro flap
  • Additional zip up pocket inside to hold wallet
  • Pocket for your cell phone and bike skirt clip
  • Measure 15 1/4 inches 14 1/2 inches by 6 1/4 inches

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